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Tree Removal and Pruning

Trees need to be cared for throughout their lives. A small tree can benefit from juvenile pruning to create proper branch spacing and a mature tree should have deadwood taken out to eliminate damage to people and property. Eventually trees will die as with any living organism and will need to be removed.

24/7 Emergency Response

Mother Nature can strike at anytime and in all seasons. In order to prevent storm damage, proper tree/property maintenance is essential to maintain tree health and vigor (i.e. pruning, removal, assessment etc.)

Bucket Truck Services

Our 60ft aerial bucket truck allows for safe and efficient removal or pruning of any tree. The bucket truck allows us to complete the work at an increased rate passing on the savings to the customer and reducing downtime.

Utility Line Clearing

Performing tree work around hydro lines is very dangerous and should only be done by trained and qualified utility arborists. Combining our qualifications and our modern equipment allows us to carry out this work safely and efficiently.

Stump Grinding

Many times after a tree is removed the stump is left behind and be a hazard or an eyesore. Stump grinding allows the stump to be removed below grade and replaced with soil and seed to give the look that the stump/tree was never there.

Holiday Light Installation

Many customers around the holiday season want to decorate their property with lights and ornaments.  Our aerial device allows us to provides quick and hassle free installation to your property.

Arborist Assessments and Reports

Local tree permits and by-laws are a reality within many municipalities.  As the homeowner, you are required to abide by these "rules" when performing property maintenance. Hiring a certified arborist gives you the confidence to understand and interperet the local "rules" that apply to trees in your area. Often arborist reports are required for building permits or other construction projects that can only be supplied by a certified and qualified arborist. Reports are generated based on scientific fact and industry standards, which provides a viable solution for customers and other stakeholders.
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Who We Are

Jeremy Owner/Operator

Tel: 705-796-6662

C & C Tree Service is owned and operated by Jeremy Scott and Nick Zak. We operate out of Barrie, Ontario but serve our customers to the south as far as the GTA and to the north as far as Muskoka. The company was created from the passion for climbing trees and the passion for being in the outdoors. We care for your trees as if they were our own. We provide solutions to your tree care issues at an affordable price.

Jeremy is a graduate of Fleming College Forestry and Arboriculture program which is recognized as the leader in arboriculture education in Ontario. Jeremy is a certifed utility arborist and a specialist in pruning and removing trees in proximity to hydro lines. Jeremy's tree care experiences have taught him all aspects of the industry from the ground up and the requirements of each job from beginning to end. When he isn't climbing a tree Jeremy is either fishing or hunting, remaining in the outdoors.

Nick is also a graduate from Fleming College arboriculture program and an ISA certified arborist from the International Society of Arboriculture and he is also certifed utility arborist in the province of Ontario. Nick's passion for tree care has made him continue his education in tree care  while staying up to date with latest industry trends and safety practices. When not in a tree Nick can be found playing hockey or hunting.

Nick Owner/Operator



Our Work

Our Work
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Tel: 705.796.6662

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Servicing Barrie and Surrounding Areas

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